Yoga Principle defines System of Yoga. First step is yoga initiation, second step is hearing or study thrid step is contemplation, fourth step is meditation and fifth is samadhi or realization of supreme self Yoga Initiation or Diksha is the first step of yoga principle in which guru transmits power in student to cut his illusionsecond step of yoga principle is Hearing or Study holy books to know the godthird step of yoga principle is contemplation in which devotee contemplate on what he heard and/or studied about god and how to know the supreme self (the God)Fourth step of Yoga principle is meditation in which devotee meditate of verses, form of god etc to realize the God      fifth and the last step of Yoga Principle is realization of Supreme Self or God



प्रेम ही ईश्वर है

Love is God.

God is Love.

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Meditation Techniques

Many easy and proven meditation techniques are taken from many scriptures and sacred books.  These meditation techniques are described here with the name of source scripture for reference. Devotees can practice these meditation techniques to get direct enlightenment and to realize the Supreme-Self (GOD). There are many benefits of meditation. Meditation increases efficiency of working of mind and body tremendously and keep mind and body healthy as well as free from suffering.

Let us know some easy meditation techniques :-

1.  Lord Krishna Taught Arjun :-

Lord Krishna revealed the meditation technique to Arjun as follows : "Choose a sacred and silent place for meditation. Put a blanket and sit on it in any meditative posture. Concentrate the mind. Control actions of senses and mind to purify heart. To do that, keep your body, head and neck straight and stop all movements of these three. Don't let your tongue move. Close your eyes and stop movements of pupils at all and keep them straight looking in front, and repeatedly remember only God. After few minutes mind will be concentrated on ajna chakra between the eyebrows. Don't think anything except God at this stage. Soon you will see divine light of Supreme-Self (God) by this meditation technique."

Note :-  Concentrate on phenomenon of this meditation technique.  The pupils wander until mind is wandering, and vice-versa.  If pupils are stopped the mind also stops, and if mind is stopped the pupils stops.  As soon as they both stop divine light of Supreme-Self appears.

- Gita, Ch. 6, verse 12-15

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2.  Conversation of Lord Shiva and Parvati :-

Lord Shiva revealed secret meditation technique to his spouse Goddess Parvati.  Lord Shiva said, " Sit in a meditative posture at a silent place.  Keep remembering God without interruption.  Now breath-in rapidly and immediately breath-out rapidly and completely and stop breath.  Important thing is, breath-out so fast that its sound is clearly audible to nearby person.  Benefit of exhaling like this is, breath naturally stops outside for long time.  As soon as the breath stops, mind also stops (because mind and breath are one).  Accompanied this pupils also stops.  As soon as mind, breath and pupils stops, state of meditation is achieved automatically.  Divine light of Supreme-Self appears immediately, and ajna chakra is awakened by practicing this meditation technique.

Benefit :- This meditation technique is very effective for anger management.  At the time of anger there is a natural tendency of body to exhale and stop breath outside to remove negative energy from body (a hindi phrase is used for angry man, that is, he is hissing like snake in anger). We never  notice this, but it happens in anger.  As soon as breath is stopped outside, mind becomes calm.  So, in order to reduce anger try this meditation technique.  Also, it destroys all diseases, because it expels all negative energy of body.  As soon as concentration is established on higher plane (ajna chakra) all greed, selfishness, anger, desire for sex etc. are reduced to zero and oneness, selfless love, compassion, helping others etc, appears in heart.  In other words the whole life is changed.

- Netra Tantra

3.  Lord Shiva said to Parvati Ji :-

Do this meditation at night in silence.  Close your eyes. Press the pupils of eyes with the finger tips of your hands.  You will see multicolor stars.  See them for a while and after half a moment release pressure slowly to zero.  You will see a bright single or multicolor Sun like shining sphere.  It is known as "Tejas Brahm (Shine of God)".  Practice to see this always.  You can see this in sky by naked eyes by practicing for even short time.

Benefit :- All mental and physical disorders are destroyed by seeing this Tejas Brahm, mind becomes calm and Supreme-Self is realized.

- Shiva Puran, Uma Sanhita

4.  Lord Shiva Said To Parvati Ji :-

Do this meditation technique at night.  Choose a silent and dark place and sit there.  Close your ears with index fingers of hand.  Keep your eyes closed.  After a while you will listen an fire element induced sound.  It is known as "Shabda Brahm (Sound of God)" or Anahat Naad (a sound produced without blowing).  It is contemplated and meditated without uttering.  It is neither Omkar, mantra, seed nor a syllable.  There are 9 kinds of this anahat naad.

Benefits of Shbda Brahm Meditation :-

Practicing this meditation technique, all the food you eat after twilight (sandhya) is digested immediately and it destroys all diseases, fevers and disturbances very rapidly. Benefits of meditating on 9 kinds of anaahat naad are :

1. Ghosh Naad :- It purifies the self.  Destroy all diseases, controls the mind.

2.  Kansya Naad :- It has the power to stop movement of all creatures.  It binds poision, planets, ghosts etc.

3.  Shring Naad :- It is related to black magic.

4.  Ghanta Naad :- Lord Shiva himself is the source of this sound.  It attracts all deities, gives super-natural powers and fulfill all wishes.

5.  Veena Naad :- It gives power of far sightedness.

6.  Vanshi Naad :- You get all elements by meditating on this naad.

7.  Dundubhi Naad :-  Devotee becomes free from pain of old age and death.

8.  Shankh Naad :- Meditation of this naad gives power to make any form at wish.

9.  Megh Naad :-  Devotee does not get hard times, distress by meditation Megh Naad.

A sound other than these 9 sounds is known as "Tunkar".  Devotee becomes like Shiva by practicing this Tunkar Naad.

- Shiva Puran, Uma Sanhita

5.  Lord Krishn Said to Uddhav :-

Choose sacred and silent place for meditation. Sit there, close your eyes and remember God with full of Love and Oneness.  Pray him to enter in your heart and reside there, and set us free from all bondages.  By remembering God with love and oneness, he enters into the heart of devotee and sits there.  Devotee can sense and see his blurred image first in heart by this type of meditation.  As soon as God enters in the heart all the desires with all their impressions (sanskar) are destroyed completely and devotee becomes able to see and realize the Supreme-Self (God).  As soon as devotee see him, the knot of bondage becomes weak and finally breaks-up, all the doubts are cut down and desires in actions becomes weak. He become free from all kind of pains, fevers, diseases.

- Shrimadbhagwat Mahapuran, 11th Skandh, Ch. 20, Verse 27-30

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