Yoga Principle defines System of Yoga. First step is yoga initiation, second step is hearing or study thrid step is contemplation, fourth step is meditation and fifth is samadhi or realization of supreme self Yoga Initiation or Diksha is the first step of yoga principle in which guru transmits power in student to cut his illusionsecond step of yoga principle is Hearing or Study holy books to know the godthird step of yoga principle is contemplation in which devotee contemplate on what he heard and/or studied about god and how to know the supreme self (the God)Fourth step of Yoga principle is meditation in which devotee meditate of verses, form of god etc to realize the God      fifth and the last step of Yoga Principle is realization of Supreme Self or God



प्रेम ही ईश्वर है

Love is God.

God is Love.

Yoga Principle >> System of Yoga

Yoga Principle

The System of Yoga

Yoga principle describes a set system of Yoga, following which a devotee reaches to goal of realization of Supreme Self. The Sanskrit work Yoga is derived from Sanskrit root "yuj" which means "to control", "to yoke" or "to unite". According to Sanskrit grammar meaning of word yoga is taken in two senses : in respect of instrumental case and in respect of locative case. In respect of instrumental case the meaning of yoga is "a way" or "means", while in respect of locative case the meaning of yoga is "end", "goal", "unity". That's why some people say yoga is a way or means and some people say it is end or goal. When we take the meaning of yoga as an end or goal, then it is totally a matter of experience or realization of Supreme-Self, which cannot be described. But when we take the meaning of yoga as the way or means, then it is descriptive. Indian seers described a set system of yoga or yoga principle.

Great Indian Rishi Patanjali defined yoga in his yoga sutras as "yogas-citta-vritti-nirodhah", which means control of all tendencies of sub-conscious mind. This control is achieved by following a set system in sequence of Yoga Initiation (Diksha), Hearing as well as Study (Shravan), Contemplation (Manan), Meditation (Dhyan), Realization of Supreme Self (Samadhi).


Yoga Initiation >> Hearing >> Contemplation >> Meditation >> Trance


Diksha >>Shravan >> Manan >> Dhyan >> Samadhi (Paramatmabodh)

There are many roads or ways defined for different kind of devotees i.e. Jnana Yoga (Gyan Yoga), Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raj Yoga, Sahaj Yoga, Hath Yoga etc. but choosing any way, a devotee has to follow a set system and the sequence as said above.

Let us discuss Yoga Principle or system of Yoga in detail :

1. Yoga Principle : Yoga Initiation (Diksha)

1.1 Samaya Sanskar Initiation (Samay Sanskar Diksha)

1.2 Bhuta Shuddhi Initiation (Shadadhva Shodhan (Bhuta Shuddhi) Diksha)

2. Yoga Principle : Hearing (Shravan)

3. Yoga Principle : Contemplation ( Manan )

4. Yoga Principle : Meditation ( Dhyan )

4.1 Meditation Techniques (Dhyan Ki Vidhiyan)

4.2 Experiences during Meditation (Dhyan ke anubhav part 1), part2, part3, part4

4.3 Obstacles in Yoga Practice and Remedies (Yoga Sadhana Ke Vighna aur Unke Upaay)

5. Yoga Principle : The Trance ( Samadhi )

6. Dream Interpretation

6.1  सपनों के अर्थ

6.2  साधना में विघ्नसूचक स्वप्न/दु:स्वप्न (बुरे सपने)

6.3  साधना में विघ्नसूचक स्वप्न/दु:स्वप्नों (बुरे सपनों) के उपाय

6.4  शुभ स्वप्न

7.  फ्री ऑनलाइन आध्यत्मिक कोर्स जॉइन करे

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